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About WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic | WiSE Medical

About WiSE Specialist Emergency

Our team of experienced specialists provide immediate treatment for non-life threatening medical needs.

Who is Wise?

Unlike Emergency Departments that operate within public hospitals and some private hospitals, a Walk-in Specialist Emergency Clinic is located in the community and designed to provide comprehensive, coordinated acute care – from initial consultation and diagnostic services, to treatment and specialist referral if required – without the patient having to visit a hospital.

The first WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic will open in North Ryde in early 2017, delivering immediate medical care when accidents or emergencies require more than a GP visit and are considered non-life threatening or unlikely to require admission to hospital.

Structured to reduce waiting times and duplication, the WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic provides a streamlined emergency medical service that does not require a referral or appointment. Staffed by experts in emergency medicine, the fully accredited Clinic will open seven days a week from 10.00am through to 10.00pm – complementing existing health services in Sydney’s north.Like Emergency Departments, the WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic will provide initial assessment and treatment of a broad range of medical conditions and injuries, some of which may require admission to hospital or referral to another specialist. In these instances, WiSE doctors will work with local hospitals, ambulance services and/or specialists to optimise patient outcomes.

With mounting pressure on the public emergency health system and with approximately 70 per cent of presentations to Emergency Departments in New South Wales not resulting in hospital admission, there exists a clear need for community-based specialist emergency medical care. As such, WiSE Medical has been established by senior doctors with an interest in the delivery of emergency medicine outside the hospital environment.

WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic is owned, operated and staffed by specialists in emergency medicine. These doctors include a number of highly credentialed emergency medicine specialists currently working in large public hospitals in Sydney’s north.

Patients who elect to visit the centre will be charged a fee of $200 to cover direct consultation with a specialist in emergency medicine. The fee is inclusive of diagnostic imaging and/or pathology services. In the majority of cases, Medicare does not cover the fee charged by WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic; however private health insurers may rebate some of the cost incurred by their overseas visitor members.

About WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic

WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic provides walk-in specialist medical care for non-life threatening illness or injury.

Our clinic was established by a group of passionate senior emergency physicians who wanted to help patients access care quickly, easily and with minimal waiting times. At the same time they saw that they could help reduce the burden on busy hospital emergency departments, enabling hospital staff to focus on the most severely unwell patients.

Why choose WiSE?

WiSE can help when you or your family need medical attention for an acute illness or injury, but your condition isn’t severe enough for a trip to the emergency department and your GP is unavailable.

  • Immediate access to specialist care
  • Only staffed by experienced emergency physicians
  • No appointment necessary
  • No prolonged waiting times
  • One stop shop
  • CT, Xray, Ultrasound and Pathology available onsite
  • Dental emergencies

What will it cost?

We charge a $200* fee to access our facility. This covers your medical assessment, pathology and imaging.

*This fee is not covered by medicare or health funds.
(Bupa overseas insurance members are covered) Click here: