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Asthma is a common condition caused by the narrowing of the breathing tubes/bronchi (small air passages) in the lungs. The narrowing happens due to the air passages becoming swollen and inflamed making it harder for air to get through, causing wheezing, coughing and problems with breathing.

Currently about 1 in 4 children will experience wheezing sometime during childhood. With the right medicine and treatment, nearly all children with asthma will be able to join in sport and lead active lives.

Signs and Symptoms of Asthma

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Breathing difficulties

Causes of Asthma

It is not known precisely why any one particular individual may develop asthma but it does appear to run in families. Other links include eczema, hayfever and allergies. 

There are many different triggers for asthma which include

  • Colds
  • Exercise
  • Changes in weather conditions
  • Cigarette smoke
  • House dust mites
  • Pollens
  • Pets

Treatment of Asthma

There are two types of medications for those suffering from asthma. These Include:

  1. Relievers – Help during an asthma attack and act quickly to relieve symptoms. These include: Ventolin, Bricanyl, and Respolin
  2. Preventers – These help to prevent an attack from happening and are usually inhaled. These include: Flixotide, Pulmicort & Singulair

In a severe asthma attack, or if symptoms do not show improvement with your usual asthma relievers, a trip to the hospital or medical center is advised.

Asthma Action Plan

For parents with children who are known to suffering from asthma attacks it is advised that an action plan is put into place with the help of your doctor to help prevent and treat an asthma attack. These action plans not only help the parent but also the child to know what to do in a situation when they feel an asthma attack coming on or are suffering from one. [/cmsmasters_text][cmsmasters_text animation_delay=”0″]


  1. The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne
  2. National Asthma Council Australia 

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