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Eliza Curby of Twingenuity Visits WiSE | WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic
Eliza Curby of Twingenuity Visits WiSE

Eliza Curby of Twingenuity Visits WiSE

Image Via Twingenuity

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting Eliza Curby from Twingenity. Eliza is a mother three Charlie, Jack and Wolfe. Eliza’s story shot into the spotlight when she started writing about her experience having three children under the age of one. Eliza gave birth to her first child the gorgeous Charlie in January 2017, just 6 weeks later she was told she as pregnant with identical twins boys. Welcoming Jack and Wolfe into the world December 2017.
It’s fair to say her life has been extremely busy ever since. Eliza came to the clinic to be run through our basic life support class with one of the specialists in which she walked away feeling confident she knew the appropriate steps to undertake if she ever found herself in an unfortunate situation in which she had to perform CPR. You can read about Eliza’s experience at the clinic here.
At WiSE we offer basic life support training for new parents and their families. For more information on our sessions please contact us.