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Fracture Clinic run by Access Orthopaedics

The Wise Fracture Clinic is run by a group of highly experienced Orthopaedic Surgeons in an attempt to bridge the gap between primary healthcare, acute care and specialist Orthopaedic Services.

Our group of Sydney-based Orthopaedic Surgeons are College recognised Fellows of the world-renowned AOA training program. Our surgeons believe specialist Orthopaedic care should be immediately accessible, patient-focussed and delivered in an economical way to respond to the community’s needs.

Wise Fracture clinic provides;

We provide:

  • On-site Physiotherapists, X-ray, CT, Pathology, Musculoskeletal-specialised
  • Ultrasound and rapid local access to MRI
  • Twice-weekly fracture clinics
  • After-school and after-hours clinics
  • Specialist assessment and management of all sport and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Direct referral by primary health care clinicians
  • On-line Referral System with same day response
  • No-gap surgical management

Patients that will benefit include:

  • Wise Specialist Emergency Clinic patients requiring follow up
  • Any patient who would have be sent to the local Emergency Department
  • Any fractures, including those that may require surgical management
  • Sports injuries that may require specialist management
  • Musculoskeletal complaints, acute or chronic, that may benefit from rapid assessment

For patients who are directly referred from a GP to the Fracture Clinic there is a $100 specialist access fee per visit*. Additional costs may apply for physiotherapist, some consumables and orthotics services.

How to book in

Please contact our administrative staff to make a booking. Please email/fax/text your referral to [email protected] or text 0410 507 676 or fax 02 9216 7677.

*This is not rebateable with Medicare or private health insurance.

Immediate results available when seeing the Specialist Emergency physician
Bulk-billed with a valid out patient GP/Specialist Referral.* Results will go to your referring doctor
*Medicare eligible patients