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Humans of WiSE - Winnie | WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic

Humans of WiSE – Winnie

Meet Winnie

I’ve been a nurse for 11 years and spent 10 years in emergency nursing at RNSH. I started working in emergency nursing because I like the variety in caseload that you see. I am a jack of all trades. I love that I’m not specialised in one area and I see a lot of things. As much as I love my role as a nurse doing patient assessments and initiating care and treatment, I love that at Wise I can do so much more. I contribute to the development of policies and procedures, review stock and overall feel that I am part of something bigger, developing a facility that is the first of its kind in Australia. I get to challenge myself with other roles that I would never think of doing or get the opportunity to go elsewhere.

The waiting room at WiSE is calm. Minimal to no waiting times. It’s very rewarding to know that high patient satisfaction is the norm here. Even though I’ve spent over 10 years in emergency nursing and seen everything from a patient coming in with a cut on their finger to big traumas, I still get excited seeing a patient walk through the WiSE doors knowing that I’ll be part of the reason why they will leave happy being treated here over anywhere else.- Winnie Wang (Registered Nurse, Wise Specialist Emergency Clinic)