An OPG is an X-ray which displays all the teeth, jaws and temperomandibular joints in a single image. It is often used in the planning of orthodontic work, a review of wisdom teeth or a general overview of the teeth and bone in that area.

What to Bring:


Referral from your General Practitioner or Specialist if you are accessing WiSE Radiology as an outpatient.


Any previous report and/or images for the region being examined


Please advise us:
    • if you are, or think you may be, pregnant
    • If you have any metal around the area being examined (e.g jewellery, dentures, metal buttons etc)
    • If you have had any previous injuries or surgery to the area being examined.

Please bring your referral, Medicare card with any previous imaging relating to the region being scanned. You may be required to remove jewellery and clothing that contain zips or metal objects.


Most OPGs are performed standing with your chin resting on a small shelf, biting gently on a sterile mouth piece to steady your head.

It is very important you remain still
while your X-ray is taken.

How long does it take?

Approx 15 minutes


There are no restrictions after having a Digital X-ray.

After your examination the report, along with access to the images will be sent directly to your referring doctor. Wise Radiology will store digital copies of all studies on our secure database for comparison with any future examinations.

It is important that you return to your doctor promptly so that a management plan can be formulated.

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