Smiles2U and Treasure Boxes

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As mentioned in our previous article ‘Smile2U Donates to WiSE Medical‘ the lovely ladies from North Shore Mums are the masterminds behind Smiles2U in which they saw a need for care packages for children, along with their parents and carers when in Hospital.

Their Smiles2U kid’s pack consists of items including colouring in books, crayons and sticker books, whilst the pack for parents and carers contains things such as hand cream, lip gloss, a magazine, a bar of chocolate and lovely teas. The ladies’ mission is simple – to bring a smile to your hospital stay.

Below we have outlined the goodies found in the kids packages and treasure boxes.

Kids Care Packs 

0 – 18mths – Teddy Bear, Crayons, Textas, Colouring in pencils, Colouring in books, Scrap books, Stickers, Sticker book, Board books, Ink stamps, Hot wheel cars & Dolls.

2-4 yr olds – Sticker books, Stickers, Scrap books, Crayons, Puzzles, Ink stamps, Hot wheel cars, Flash cards, Toy Jewellery, Activity books, Reading books, Colouring in pencils &Textas.

5-8 yr olds – Colouring in pencils, Textas, Crayons, Colouring in books, Activity Books, Origami papers, Craft packs, Maze books, Reading books, Hot wheel cars, Purses, Dolls & Flash cards.

9-13 yr olds  Puzzles, Card games, Loom bands, & Mini board games, Lip gloss, Journals, Craft packs, Reading books, Mini Science kits & Comic books.

13-16 yr olds – Mindfulness colouring books, Colouring in pencils, Sharpener, Reading books, Lip gloss, Craft packs, Origami papers, Activity books, Comic books, Card games & Mini board games.

The Treasure box was inspired by a little boy who was given a toy medal for being so brave by one of the Smiles Team members. The Mum messaged us to say he kept that medal on for a week and loved it. He bathed and slept in it. It turned his hospital stay into a more positive experience. So we decided to create these Treasure Boxes for the short stay hospital visits. A sticker and a little gift for bravery.

The treasure are to help make lots of children’s hospital visits, whether it be for a blood test, scan or stitches, bring a smile to their face at some point during their stay.

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