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The ‘New’ Normal! | WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic
The ‘New’ Normal!

The ‘New’ Normal!

Returning to work? How do we do it post COVID?

The first time your cat rested itself upon your keyboard was cute. The second..third – fourth time, a little less cute, a little more diabolical.  We are seeing laws relax and people and businesses itching to return to work.

Businesses across every sector are scrambling to make appropriate changes to their workplace to accommodate employees heading back to the office post-COVID. There is a lot of conjecture about what will be normal. We know that for the foreseeable future, workplaces will have to change and adjust to the new normal. 

Within a few days, the WiSE Specialist Emergency team was able to turn our back car park into a free-standing Respiratory Clinic. The WiSE team was cleaved in two: a red zone for patients with respiratory symptoms with suspected COVID-19 and a green zone via the WiSE emergency clinic next door for all other patients.

WiSE had input and consultancy from some of the best in the biz. Dr Scott Chapman an Infectious Diseases Consultant physician as well as Public Health Infection Control officials. Together we were able to re-design our facility and educate and train all staff in strict infection control protocols. 

Given our experience and our training, we hope to give this back to the community to help individuals and groups adjust to the new normal.  Using up to date health guidelines, the WiSE team can support your workplace to adjust safely and smoothly.


Organisations are envisioning a new normal. Changes that will include prioritising additional space, improved infection control practices and flexibility with more employees working from home on a semi-regular basis.

Infection Control

Key changes include improved and appropriate cleaning materials, staff hygiene practices and staff health monitoring and temperature monitoring at entry points and desks spaced farther apart.

Hand hygiene how, when and with what?  For a snapshot of how detailed hand hygiene should be see here


Workplace redesign and human behaviour change that is in-line with best practice. Our WiSE team of emergency physicians and registered nurses can help you. 

For workplace training and education, please contact our COO, Kate Robertson for further information.