Work Injuries

by Dec 24, 2018

Injuries at work do occur. As an employee or employer, time off work can be really difficult. No one has time to wait hours in your local hospital emergency department or spend days accessing various services and waiting for results.

The WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic provides on-site initial assessment, diagnostics (x-ray, CT, Ultrasound) with immediate results and treatment of a broad range of medical conditions and injuries without having to refer you off-site.

For all life threatening conditions, please call triple 000 or attend your local public hospital. Wise does not accept ambulance.

Benefits of Wise for work injuries

  • No lengthy hospital emergency wait times
  • No back and forth between doctor, services and treatment
  • Results immediately provided at Wise
  • Wise work with you and your employer to facilitate the continuity of care and return-to-work process
  • Reduced time off work
  • Specific return to meaningful work instructions; communication with all relevant parties.
  • Referral to our acute care specialists (Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Plastic surgeons)
  • Direct admission into local hospitals if surgery or further management/monitoring required

Follow up care

WiS offers a seamless, holistic approach to your follow up care

WiSE Fracture Clinic is run by our Specialist Orthopaedic surgeons each week or referral can be made to an Orthopaedic surgeon of your choice.

Physiotherapists on-site for plastering, acute management and rehabilitation

If your condition requires admission for surgery or further monitoring and management, Wise can facilitate direct admission to local private and public hospitals via our network of on-call Orthopaedic Surgeons and acute Specialists without you having to re-present to a hospital emergency department.

  • North Shore Private Hospital
  • Macquarie University Hospital
  • Sydney Adventist Hospital
  • Local public hospitals

WiSE offers ongoing management, as well as case conferencing.

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