Type Facility Fee Medicare Rebate Payable and Refundable
Consult within 24hrs $0 Bulk Billed*
Consult 1-7 Days $150 $30-$70*
IV Antibiotics $120 Specialist Medicare code: 57*
Wound Management / Dressings $50 Specialist Medicare code: 54*
Consumable Price
Crutches $70
Camboot $90
Shoulder Immobiliser $55
Zimmer Splint $90
Surgical Shoe $50
Spacer $75
Hand splint $55
Pharmaceuticals $35

WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic offers consultations with emergency doctors at a fixed facility fee of $295.

The remaining costs that are covered by medicare are required to be paid upfront.
These costs encompass the doctors' time, procedures, and diagnostic tests (such as radiology and pathology) conducted at the clinic. In the absence of Medicare, these expenses become out-of-pocket.

The good news is that WiSE can provide you with an invoice that you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. However, it's important to understand that WiSE cannot guarantee the percentage of the cost that your insurance will cover.

Eligible BUPA overseas visitor/student members are fully covered to use the WiSE Specialist Emergency service.

WiSE has an agreement with Bupa (HI) that Bupa will pay the standard fees when accessing the facility. Refer to below

  • Standard facility fee: $230 for accessing the emergency consultant. This covers your immediate specialist consultation and assessment, diagnostic imaging and blood tests, observation and any interventions necessary.
  • Return Visit facility fee: $95 for a return visit within 1 week – for repeat presentation only or for follow-up
  • No Fee: for a return visit within 24 hours – for repeat presentation only or for follow-up
  • Coverage for accessing WiSE Radiology and Pathology when presenting with a valid outpatient GP/Specialist referral.
  • The cost of consumables (Crutches, Camboots, etc) will be at a cost to the patient.

*Bupa overseas members should confirm their eligibility to ensure waiting periods do not apply.

*Not applicable to medicare holders.

WiSE Specialist Emergency Clinic offers consultations with emergency doctors at a fixed facility fee of $295.

In the event that you have initiated a claim with your Workplace insurer and obtain a Claim ID number, WiSE can collaborate directly with the insurer to handle the complete treatment expenses incurred at the facility.

However, any costs incurred prior to obtaining the Claim ID must be paid out of pocket and can subsequently be claimed with the Workplace insurer yourself.

WiSE does not accept DVA cards for Coverage of our facility fee and medicare expenses.

WiSE Radiology is available bulk-bill to DVA holders.

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