Dr Clinton Colaco

Dr Clinton Colaco

Infectious disease and general medicine specialist 

Dr Clinton Colaco is an Infectious Diseases Physician with additional training in General and Acute Medicine. Dr Colaco completed his MBBS at Bond University, followed by a Masters of Medicine (Internal Medicine) at the University of Sydney. He completed Physician Training across Western and South-Western Sydney hospitals.

Dr Colaco has an interest in core infectious diseases (including TB, HIV, Hep B&C) and hospital-based infectious diseases, particularly infections related to bone and joint, cardiovascular and device-related and complex intra-abdominal surgeries, as well as infections in the immunocompromised host and critical care.

Dr Colaco is dedicated to delivering high quality, evidence-based care to his patients, through effective communication, utilisation of available resources and compassionate patient care. He is involved in multiple local and international clinical trials and primary research. He has a passion for teaching medical students and currently holds the title of Conjoint Associate Lecturer with the University of Sydney and Griffith University.

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